WebDefender - Website

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WebDefender - Website is used to determine the probability that your website is being subjected to:

  • Hacking Attack
  • SQL Injection Attack
  • Spider/Bot intrusion detection

By using a heuristic algorithm, WebDefender looks at how your website is used over a period of time, taking into consideration the keywords being submitted as part of the web request.


  • Detects spiders and web bots.
  • Detects malicious input.
  • Detects hacking attempts.
  • Detects SQL Injection attacks
  • White List of IP Addresses
  • Black List of IP Addresses
  • Temporarily block/ban IP Address
  • Highly Optimized
  • Unlimited Updates/Patches
  • Immediate Access to Licence via our Licence Page
  • 3 Week Trial Licence.
  • 1 Licence per website.