WebDefender - Firebird

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WebDefender - Firebird is a highly configurable system which adds layers of protection to your Firebird installation and allows fine grain control over access to your databases.

TCP Monitoring

The product is split into two area's, the first monitors connections to database on a TCP level, allowing you to see which IP addresses are connection, how often they are connecting and how long they are connected for.

This element is highly configurable and allows you to specify how monitoring takes place.

Access Control

The second part of the product allows you to directly control user access using Country, IP Address, Date/Time, User, Role and Application, specifying exactly how a user can access your data.


  • Instant protection for your Firebird Database
  • Access Control
  • Control access by Country
  • Control accesss by Time/Date
  • Control accesss by User
  • Control accesss by Role
  • Control accesss by IP Address
  • Control accesss by Application
  • Daily updates for Geo IP data
  • White/Black list.
  • 1 Licence per server
  • Highly Configurable
  • Unlimited Updates/Patches
  • Immediate Access to Licence via our Licence Page
  • 3 Week Trial Licence.