Firebird Stored Procedure Generator

Firebird Stored Procedure Generator (FBSPGen) generates standard, template stored procedures based on table properties, the stored procedures that can be created are:

  • Insert
  • Update
  • Update or Insert
  • Delete
  • Select
  • Select All
  • Select Page
  • Count

As well as creating templated stored procedures, FBSPGen can optionally create a C++ and C# classes that can be used to interact with your database.

In C++ an application is created, in C# a library is created. Both languages support a business object layer (BOL) and data access layer (DAL) which can access the stored procedures created.

BOL/DAL Feature Matrix


  • GUI Wizard Interface.
  • Generates a SQL script.
  • Does not update database directly.
  • Generates C++ and C# class library with Business object layer and Data access layer
  • Specify sort order and which tables/columns to include.
  • Save configuration for future use.
  • 100% Free for personal, commercial and all other uses.
  • Unlimited Updates/Patches