Our jukebox software allows you to easily turn your Windows PC into a digital jukebox using your already existing music collection.

The simple and uncomplicated interface was designed to make it easy to use, by anybody, on any occasion.

Initially designed for use at a wedding, this jukebox offers some unique features to keep a party going, including:

Simple Configuration

Simply select the folder where your music resides and click Start

Kiosk Mode


  • Kiosk Mode - Full screen display allowing users to easily select songs without modifying settings.
  • Prevent Replay - Prevent songs from being replayed until a specific number of songs have been played.
  • Playlist Limit - Only allow a specific number of songs on the playlist, preventing a single person from choosing too many songs of their choice.
  • Overlap songs - Overlap songs for continual playing.
  • Autoplay - Used in kiosk mode, a song will be randomly selected when no songs have been included in the play list.
  • Freeware - Free for personal or commercial use.
  • No licence fee's and free updates.